Wednesday, June 22, 2005


OK everyone, I just finished my first Q and A session with my mentor, Stephen Gregory. Let me fist say that he was very nice and very humble. But here's what was so awesome about our Q and A! We are allowed an hour of time with each of the other students in our class. an hour with the mentor, and an hour after the mentor so the students can talk some more. But Get This, He stayed the whole extra hour after his time was suppose to be up! ( Oh just a sec, Stephen is emailing me!!) Anyways, we stayed as late as possible and then we were cut off just after 11pm. He was so generous with his time! So Stephen if you happen to check this out I, and I'm sure all of the other guys, would like to give a big THANK YOU for your time!

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animatorsnotebook said...

It's me, Vincent. Nice to meet you tonight. Can't agree more - he's really amicable and to look at his site pretty talented. Looking forward to the rest of the term.