Friday, July 29, 2011

From the Mailbox

Got this in the analog inbox on Monday. I was going to share an electric bill but second guessing myself, I went with this instead. Starting in September I'm going to be heading to Blue Sky for temp work on Ice Age:Continental Drift! I've never been to New York or any part of the upper east coast before so I'm excited to get out there and check it out. I've heard great things about the people at Blue Sky as well. It'll be somewhere around 4-6 months of what I'm expecting to be a great experience! Between meeting new people, awesome animation, and exploring the town I'm sure the time is going to fly by. Now I just need to find out who's playing poker and where...

I'm definitely going to miss my DreamWorks Animation family but hope to squeak my way back in eventually! You have all been amazing coworkers and friends so it'll be a pleasure to work with you again! -deuces

In case you didn't piece together the word puzzle from my last post, it was - Cross Country Trip. :)