Monday, September 08, 2008

Another unfinished 11 Second Club entry!

Well, this time I entered my unfinished 11 second club entry for fun to see what would happen. I like to think of using the 11 second club for animation sketches more so than what I would put on a reel so I probably won't be going back to finish them. This time I tried to create a story that could stand on its own regardless of the dialog clip.

It was also sort of an inside joke between a few of us here at work to find out different ways we could actually get around animating the actual person that says the line. I placed an impressive 41st! haha WOOO! If I can promis you one thing, this won't be my last crazy entry to the 11 second club! Obviously no polish on this thing but it was fun piecing it together in my spare time through the last two weeks of August!

Brandon Beckstead also had a very fun entry that he has posted on his blog.
(You were robbed Brandon!)