Thursday, June 16, 2005

Currently Working

Hey everyone out there on the WWW! I'm at work right now and there isn't much to do since the recording studio here at my school is torn apart to install a new air conditioner. So I am currently across the hall enjoying a little bit of the Incredibles. Such a good movie!

To anyone and everyone that has commented on, hell even watched, my animations, Thanks a lot! Christophe, I completely agree that I should find a better pose at the end of the Backflip animation, so I'm going to try and work that in. I'm also going to try and have him doing something in the beginning, as someone suggested on CGTalk. As far as the ball animation, I am still debating on wether or not the timing is right on the balls rolling at the end. I understand the comment about "twinning" but I think that the way I animated it is the way it would possibly look in real life. I also agree that I need to add a texture that will better display the rotation of them.

To sum it all up,
Always appreciate them.

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