Monday, June 20, 2005

My Mentor

OK, I just checked out the Roster for this summer's classes and my mentor is Stephen Gregory! It seems that he has worked on every one of PIXAR's feature films except for Toy Story 1. Here is his BIO: Since leaving Cal-Arts in 1996 Stephen has had the pleasure of working on some of the most influential animated films in recent years while being employed at PIXAR Animation Studios. At PIXAR Stephen has worked on “A Bugs Life”, “Toy Story 2”, “Monsters INC.”, “Finding Nemo”, “The Incredibles” and is currently working on “Cars” which is due out summer of 2006. While attending Cal-Arts, Stephen had several summer jobs which included an internship at Turner Feature Animation during “Cat’s Don’t Dance.”

I can't wait to learn from this guy!

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