Thursday, October 19, 2006

Drawing time!

Well everyone I just got some of the stuff to get a 2d animation setup going and I'm pretty excited! I've never done 2d animation before so I'm probably going to be pretty disappointed after the first few(hundered) tests but I'm still ready to give it a try. I bought an acme pegbar, 12 field punched acme paper, a lightfoot pegbar so I can punch my own crappier paper for some quick tests and getting use to the whole process, and I'll be getting the glass and plexiglass cut tomorrow for the disc that my dad and I are going to be making! It won't be a professional setup of course but I figure I better not shell out $500 on the disc alone for soemthing that I'm trying for the first time. So far I think I'm going to be able to put together the desk/light table and full disc together for less than $200 but we'll see.


David M said...

Hey dude!

Good luck with it. Traditional animation is a whole new world but I have to say that you learn more than with 3D in the sense that when you make a mistake, you REALLY remember it, because it means to repeat a lot of drawings.

Btw, where did you buy the material ? keep us posted and looking forward for these tests.


Adam Strick said...

Hey David! Thanks for the comment man:) I think that with 2d animation a person would get a better sense of timing and spacing, or would force themselves to observe it more when people watching but really, I feel that I have a pretty good jumping off point with all the things that I've learned at AM! By using the 3d medium I didn't have to put my animation education to a complete stop and could continue my drawing skills along the way. So now I can (try) to put that knowledge to use in this other medium and figure out a workflow for it! It's all about constantly learning and I am so excited to jump in and give it a try. I'll try to post what my dad and I went through to build this thing once we finish it up. It's definitely getting close. We're getting ready to stain it all and doing some of the wiring for the lights, so sit tight!