Monday, November 14, 2005

PIXAR animators blog!

So there's a new blog out that most of you probably already know about. The name of it is Spline Doctors. Those of you that aren't character animators, or bad character animators that don't know what the graph editor is, you might be wondering why they call themselves spline doctors. My guess is from the extensive use of the splines in the graph editor during the clean up process of character animation in the computer. All of the animators that created this blog teach at The Academy of Art University, which seems like a very nice school! Stephen Gregory, one of the spline doctors, was my mentor last term at Animation Mentor and was a very good teacher. Since having him, I know a bit about his workflow method and he is definitely graph editor friendly.

If you go to you can find a list of thier students from AAU, which have some AWESOME demo reels to check out! One person's demo reel that I seem to be watching almost daily now is Nick Rasario's! His work is very inspiring!

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