Thursday, March 25, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon! This Weekend!

The movie I worked on for about the last two years comes out tomorrow so be sure not to miss it this weekend!! The consensus all around from people that have seen early screenings of this film is that they really loved it. A lot of people feel it's the best DreamWorks Animation film to date and I'm glad to hear that they really enjoy the experience they have while watching this film. It was an interesting experience animating crowds and cycles through the film and am grateful to have been a part of Simon Otto's(Head of Character Animation) animation team and glad I was able to be a part of How To Train Your Dragon.


Paese said...

Congrats on How to Train Your Dragon!! Your a big inspiration, keep it up! :]

Omar said...

Just saw it today, you guys did an amazing job!
I think it definitely shows that PIXAR isn't the only studio who can make a great movie nowadays.
It's probably up there as one of my favorite animated films out there :)

Billy Restey said...

Awesome! Looks great!

I'm curious, What was your favorite shot to animate?