Sunday, June 01, 2008

Slight "Film Industry" update

Well, here's an update to the latest personal animation that's on my plate. I still have a lot to do on this thing but hopefully it won't take to many more sessions to finish it up. We'll see...
As always, it's free for comments and crits!

If you have trouble playing this video in your browser then you might try downloading from this link.


TJ Phan said...

Greetings Adam-

I'm lovin' this piece! Your work is awesome. And the Superman clip is just classic!


Andy Conroy said...

I know your busy and all dude, but finish this! it looks great. I think the polish is sweet and all that but I want to see what your gonna do with the rest of the clip.

Are you doing the rest of the clip?

Adam Strick said...

-Thanks for stopping by and commenting Tj! You've got some great animation and a much more resourceful blog for animators yourself. I hope mine can transition more into that in the future.

-I know I need to finish this thing Andy!! There are a lot of other things that I want to try! So, I don't think I'm going to deal with the rest of the audio. I'm just going to keep it the length it is and get in there and add the keep alive, adjust hand animation, brows, eyes, eases, ...ugh...yeah, and the list goes on. I thought you were the one that suggested cutting the length down in the first place so I'm a bit surprised you asked about it. lol

It's definitely tought to stay focused on something that just lingers on and on so hopefully not too much longer from now I'll be able to let this one go.

Andy Conroy said...

Haha, I was just curious. I think it coming along great and I think it is better this short. My concern was more for the vitality of the rest of the clip when this section is so far along.


Anonymous said...

that wuz such a cool video! could you come check out mine?