Friday, August 18, 2006

AM Student Showcase Reel! New link to the video.

Animation Mentor has made a page for the Student Showcase reel in a QuickTime format with a downloadable link. So if you haven't seen it yet go check it out and if you have seen it but want to hang on to it for a while, go save a copy of it for yourself!:)

AM Student Showcase Summer 2006

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Animation Mentor Student Work!

If you haven't checked this out yet go to and look at the new student showcase reel! There's some very impressive stuff on there and is very entertaining to watch.

Monday, August 07, 2006

More Ralph Eggleston

There's an interview done here with Ralph Eggleston for MoMA. Boy do these kids look excited about it.

Speaking of Character Design

Here's a pretty sweet blog on it! It just so happens to be named Character Design. Definitely something to check out! Quite a large list of interviews with various character designers! That's actually where I found the Chen Yi Chang images posted in the previous post. They've interviewed him themselves. Here's a link to that as well.
Chen Yi Chang interview.
And yes, there are more images of his artwork there than just the few I have in my previous post.

Chen Yi Chang video

I know this is an old video that a lot of you may have seen and already know about, but just in case anyone hasn't seen it or need a link to it I figured I'd do that. He is a Disney character designer and discusses some of his thoughts about working on Mulan, Tarzan, and a bit about the Batman cartoon series.

Chen Yi Chang Video

A few Pixarian Signatures

This one is from Pixar animator, Angus Maclane-

Storyboard artist, Mark Andrews

And finally one of the head honchos, Andrew Stanton

I found them on this blog post, the person that owns the actual signatures on paper. There's a nice little story about when he got them too!


The Spline Doctors have been doing some great podcasts with various artists from Pixar so I figured I'd have a link station to all of them in this post. If you've never been there before be sure to check out their other posts. They have some useful and interesting information there.

Spinecast 1:

To Spline or Not to Spline

Splinecast 2,3, and 4: Andrew Stanton

Andrew Stanton part1
Andrew Stanton part2
Andrew Stanton part3

Splinecast 5: Ralph Eggleston

Ralph Eggleston

Splinecast 6: Nate Stanton

Nate Stanton

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Animation Timer

Can you think of the beats you want for you animation in your head and click the mouse at the time the beat happens? Then this nifty little tool just might be for you! I found this a while back while surfing the web so I thought I'd link you to it. It's an animation timer application put together by Paul Van Gaans. Thanks Paul!

Animation Timer

(PC only at this time)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

A small car show

Well, it was fairly small but there were some clean cars there.

Hand Sketches

Here are a few hand sketches I did of my own hands. The open hand I did more recently roughing it in with General's pastel chalk, wanna be Conte. It was a bit larger than my scanner so there were a lot of dark areas that I had to clean up. I left the forearm uncleaned though. :/ The other hand I did a while back and it was smaller on newsprint.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Blog

Well, atleast for me it is! A blog that I've recently been checking out quite a bit with some inspirational stuff is a current student at CalArts. Lots of traditional work to check out since he posts quite often. His name is Steven Macleod and the name of his blog is Clockroom. He has a large list of links to other blogs that contain a lot of personal artwork of other artists. Just some stuff that has definitely been getting me back into the drawing mode. Hope to post some stuff up soon! Again, here's the link to his blog:


I've recently heard some great news about my former mentor, Scott Lemmer. He was working at DNA studios on The Ant Bully and the studio is closing after that so he was going to be out of a job but he got into Pixar! WOOO! Congrats man! Awesome to hear. Get this, on the Jimmy Neutron tv series he was doing anywhere between 800 and 1,000 frames a week!! Sometimes more, and the quality of the stuff was pretty darn good for that kind of a timeframe! Lots of entertaining stuff there. Anyways, just wanted to say congratulations Scott! You deserve it!